Power Your Mind!


Now is the time to get the tools you need to succeed!

We all go through life wondering what it is some people have that makes it so easy for them to get what they want. What if I told you that it is something they learned on accident, and that you can do it anytime you want? What if everything you did in life from now gave you the power to  get the freedom you want to be happy?

I’ve spoken in front of many large audiences and one of my favorite things to tell people who sign up for this weekend is “get ready for a change that will make the rest of your life a thousand times more exciting!”

“I’m so glad I attended this event! Thank you, Nate and Jay, for showing me how to have a great relationship!” – J.S.

This event includes: 

  • Find out all about neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, power dynamics, and intentional influence, how it works, what you can do, and gain great skills!
  • 5 hours of LIVE training with the Sigil Training Team
  • Discover a valuable skill in helping yourself and others
  • Small group attention and one-on-one assistance for hands on experience
  • Access to the online members-only library for NLP Bonuses!
  • Special Pricing for this event!
  • Develop Valuable Network Connections
  • Receive Personal Attention and Work One on One with others –
  • Gain Even More Confidence!

Normally, an event like this costs $297! But because I’m reaching out to you directly, it’s only $97! Make the right decision today and change your world forever!

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