Pre-Visit Forms
There are a few steps to getting started and you can complete them before you even come in to our offices, accelerating your time to being seen! Download these and open them in Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Apple Preview, Google Chrome, Sumatra, or any compatible PDF reader. Then print them, fill them out and bring them in.

Sigil Main Intake Form (required)

Sigil Adult Consent Form (required if you are an adult over the age of 18).

Sigil Minor Consent Form (required if you or the client you are bringing in is under the age of 18).

After Visit Forms
These are sometimes asked for by the therapist and will usually be given to you when you leave. But if you lose them, you can always download them here again!

Sigil Personal History – Adult

Sigil Personal History – Minor


Other Forms
These are only necessary if we request them specifically.

Authorization to Release Confidential Information