Sigil is the mental health resource for the surrounding community and we strongly believe in giving information and connecting everyone with the resources available around them. Below are some ways to get involved in your community, get help for emergency needs, and to get connected with Sigil.

Links for our local and national community
Get connected and find out what powerful resources you already have within your community.

Therapeutic forms
These are the Sigil forms necessary for intake and continuing therapy. To save time, you can fill them out before you arrive.

SigilCast Podcast
Our founder, Nate Fowler, and our Director of Training, Jay Williams, get together for some fireside chats about mental health, psychology, behaviors, what’s new in the mental health arena, and more. Check it out!

Find out more about yourself with a Sigil Quiz. You can learn about your relationships, mental states, and more! It’s all for fun and knowledge.