Get a fresh start for your week at Strong Starts!

Do you sometimes wish you could have a little more happiness in your day?

Don’t you ever just want to relax, feel good and let go of all the stress before you go back to work on Monday?

Sometimes life can beat you up, and you deserve to have a little peace, reflection and calm.

Join us for free in Temecula each week for this community program where we’ll be using relaxing mental techniques to give you a refreshing experience that you can carry with you throughout the week.

In just one relaxing hour, you’ll:
Feel peace and calm
Release stress and tension
See the world through new and refreshed eyes
Walk out feeling on top of the world and ready to take on your week
Let’s face it… you deserve this.

We are a non-profit that is giving back to the community, so this event is totally free. If you’d like to show your gratitude, you can feel free to give something to the Sigil Social Foundation, a local community organization helping abused women to escape violence and to rebuild their trust, their confidence and their life.

Come visit us every Sunday at 10:00 AM and every Monday at 7:00 PM at:

Sigil Social Foundation headquarters
41715 Enterprise Circle N. #102
Temecula, CA 92590

If you have any particular problems you’d like to talk about with someone personally and privately, we will also have trained volunteers who will be available to help you! 🙂