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SigilCast 004 – Covert Hypnosis or Conversational Hypnosis

by admin on September 18, 2013

Sigil-Cast-iTunes-LogoThis week’s episode is all about covert/conversational hypnosis (sometimes called Ericksonian Hypnosis). How does it work? Who is using it on you? And most importantly, what can you do with conversational hypnosis? The Sigil Social Foundation has Conversational Hypnosis workshops available by clicking here or click here for Rapid Empowerment’s workshops.

Jay Williams from and Nate Fowler from join forces to host “SigilCast” which talks about all sorts of different mental health technologies, therapy, science, news, psychology, sociology, hypnosis, neuroscience, and more. Join us in discovering how our minds work!

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