Bringing-Peace-To-Your-Mind-boxshot-finalSigil is proud to be able to release Nate Fowler’s Bringing Peace To Your Mind guided meditation limited edition CD as an exclusive gift when you give $25 or more. By popular demand Mr. Fowler, a certified hypnotherapist and relationship coach, created this recording to ease relaxation and allow for letting go of stress and anything that requires being more at peace. The back cover reads:

Sometimes relaxing is the only way to start or end the day. It’s almost like we need a reset to really just give ourselves that peaceful moment to reflect and just…breathe. This recording is all about finding that peace, and being able to take it with you throughout the day, night, or whenever you choose. Allow yourself to find the resources you need to just listen and find your peaceful moment. With specially crafted music, sound, and narrated by Nate Fowler, this recording is what you need to bring peace to your mind because you deserve to feel good, don’t you?

“I am so happy that 100 percent of the proceeds are going to Sigil Social Foundation,” said Mr. Fowler, “and that it will be sold in physical form in exclusive local shops and locations who are supporting Sigil in helping domestic violence and human trafficking survivors.”

We are already receiving wonderful feedback from our initial group, with phrases such as, “it helped me sleep so easily,” “it put me right in that relaxed place I needed to go to,” and “I want to buy more for my friends this Christmas!”

This limited edition title has been sold-out! Thank you for your support!