Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Have you experienced/witnessed an event in which you felt severely threatened emotionally, psychologically, or physically?  Were you in a severe car accident, abused or neglected, did you experience a sudden death of a loved one, or a violent criminal act? Were you exposed to the violence of war, or a natural disaster? Do you live with live with deep emotional pain, fear, confusion? Do you suffer from anxiety, flashbacks, depression, or even have thoughts of suicide because of the incident(s)? Do you feel emotionally numb from the incident(s) or guilty? Are you more aggressive or irritable than you were prior to the incident(s)? Do you consume more alcohol than usual or engage in reckless behaviors? Do you feel physically ill– stomachaches, headaches, fatigue? Do you have “racing thoughts?” Do you find yourself unable to concentrate or focus on anything else because you “can’t stop” thinking about the incident(s)? Do you have flashbacks or vivid memories that cause you to feel nervous, sad, or get you extremely upset? Do your memories or nightmares feel real? Do you feel like you are “re-living” the incident(s)? Do you find yourself feeling like you always have to be on guard? Do you find yourself avoiding specific locations, sights, situations or sounds that serve as reminders of the event? Are you having problems going to sleep or staying asleep? Do you have a difficulty remembering details of the event(s)? Have you experienced a change in habits or behaviors since the event(s)?

You do not have to live this way. We can provide a confidential, supportive, and safe place for you to express your feelings freely, in a non-threatening environment. We can teach you relaxation techniques to help you when you start to feel anxious or start to have flashbacks. We can help you make sense of your experience(s) and feelings, help you understand why you feel a certain way and help you work through your feelings, emotions, and life struggles. We can help you identify what triggers your anxiety and flashbacks. We can help you develop a plan to stay safe, and teach you healthy coping skills. We can help you work through your nightmares, phobias, fears and lingering physical issues and guide you through the healing process and help you feel empowered to take your life back.

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