Living with someone with a mental illness

Are you or someone you know having difficulty coming to terms with the challenges presented with a love one’s mental illness? Has life changed in many fundamental ways? Are you trying to deal with your own personal anxieties and noticed they have increased as you have struggled with your love ones illness episodes? Do you feel confused, as if walking an “egg shells”, afraid of what my happen next. Has the person been hospitalized, in jail, had several medication changes or no medication at all and you don’t know how to help them or yourself cope?

Our therapists will help you find what you need to understand the mental illness, what you can do to help your loved one. You will be find support and strategies on how to find your inner strength to meet the daily challenges with a Sigil therapist.

Call us at 951-290-2997 to speak to a compassionate therapist. We work with all sorts of insurance and any financial situation. You can also book an appointment right now.

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