Do you often feel afraid? Do you avoid certain situations, places, people, or can’t leave the house? Are you clingy to another person? When we feel threatened or perceive danger, our bodies can sweat more, increase our heart rate and raise our adrenaline levels.  Fear is a healthy emotion; there are obviously some things about which we should be afraid and in which we should exercise appropriate caution.  But if our fears control us, or prevent us from taking certain risks, we allow those fears to define us, to limit us only to courses of action that we deem sufficiently safe, and as a result, many of us never achieve our potential–or we cheat ourselves out of the richness that life could otherwise hold for us.

We can help you:

  • Explore your fear by helping you realize and acknowledge your fear.
  • Delve into and identify the objects or situations that trigger your immediate fear.
  • Discover how you can approach your fears as opportunities for growth.
  • Find out how to overcome and walk through your fears.
  • Implement calming skills to reduce and manage anxiety symptoms that may emerge during encounters with your fear.
  • Discover that you can apply successful coping strategies.
  • And ultimately, realize that you are capable, and a resourceful person who has been successful at overcoming your fear.

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