Domestic Violence

Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells—meaning that any little thing you say/do or don’t say/do will set the person off? Do you hear things like “it’s all your fault,” “you made me do it,” “you asked for it,” “it’s for your own good,” “I’m sorry, I promise it will never happen again. I love you,” “Please don’t leave me,” “no one will love you as much as I do,” If you leave I will kill you,” “I will take the kids from you,” “I will make sure you never see the kids again,” “you will never find someone else,” “no one will put up with you the way I do.” Do you feel afraid, lonely and/or hopeless? Are you cut off from your family, friends, work or the outside world? Have you lost control over how you dress, spend money, who to see, what to do? Have you been put down, made to feel small, worthless or feel that you can’t do anything right? Have you ever been insulted and told you were a terrible mother/father/husband/wife/partner? Have you ever felt intimidated, manipulated, humiliated, isolated, frightened, terrorized, coerced, or threatened? Have you ever been blocked from leaving a room, pushed, shoved, slapped, kicked, hit, injured or even worse?

If this sounds like you, then we can help. We can provide a safe place for you to express your feelings freely, in a non-threatening environment. We can guide you through the healing process, make a safety plan, and feel empowered through your own determination and perseverance. With a therapist, you can discover how to recognize and get out of domestic abuse situations. We can support you in ending the cycle of abuse and provide you with tools that can help you develop more positive personal relationships in your life.

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