Are you a “people pleaser”, always saying “yes” even when you want to say “no”, always putting someone else’s needs/wants before your own? Do you find it hard to make your own decisions in life, feel preoccupied with other people and things outside of yourself? Have you lost touch with your own thoughts and feelings and have a hard time sharing your feelings with others because you are afraid you will be ridiculed or criticized? Do you fear disappointing others, being abandoned, alone, rejected, guilty, or feel responsible for someone else’s happiness? Do you have a family member, friend, spouse, or significant other that is an alcoholic or has a drug addiction and you find yourself enabling that person by continuously aiding and abetting their addictive behavior, making excuses for them? Is there a history of abuse? Do you find yourself following a pattern of behaviors that are problematic, and directly interfere with your own emotional health, or your ability to find fulfillment in any of your relationships?

If this sounds like you, then we can help you discover how to become more assertive and more understanding of your own thoughts and feelings in a safe non-threatening environment while you explore what motivates you, identify options for the future, develop realistic goals and become your own person. We can help you understand why you feel a certain way and help you work through your feelings, emotions, and life struggles. We can explore your underlying cause of this behavior and aid you developing self-compassion so you can heal from previous physical, emotional, psychological, or verbal wounds.

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