Children’s Conduct Disorders

Has your child been diagnosed with a conduct disorder? Have you and your family been dealing with your child (s) behavior of hostility, and sometimes physical violence, and callous disregard for societal norms and feelings? Have you been told that your child is a bully, threatens or intimidates others? Has your child used objects as weapons or actual weapons that can cause serious harm to others, been physically cruel to people or animals? Has your child engaged in theft, fire setting, destroying property, been deceitful, lies, stays out at night, runs away or is often truant from school? Are you unsure what the future holds for your child when he or she is an adolescent or adult?

We will work with you and your child as an effective support network. Behavioral therapy will be utilized to help him or her learn interact with the world. The family will also receive help to learn the best ways to communicate and help him or her through this process.

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