Blended Families / Step-Families

“Yours, mine and ours.”

Have you and your partner decided to make a life together and form a new, blended family that includes children from one or both of your previous relationships? Is this frustrating, challenging or overwhelming at times? Do you feel you have to choose between your spouse, natural children and step-children? Is the child acting out at home or school, seem angry, depressed, withdrawn, out of control? Do you find it hard to hold your child accountable for breaking a rule when your spouse holds your step-child to a different standard? Are you a child that is unsure about the upcoming changes in your family life? Are you worried about how these changes will affect your relationship with your natural parent? Do you resent your parent for wanting to make a life with a new person or family? Roles, rules, routines, discipline, traditions, living arrangements, new parent, new children (or siblings), everything is different, will everyone get along, “You’re not my mom (dad), you can’t tell me what to do, you’re evil”.

With a therapist, you can discover how to bring unity into your blended family without threatening established bonds. By providing a safe environment where you/family can express their feelings, fears, and voice their concerns freely. Find out how to maintain a healthy relationship with your children/parent while building a new and loving bond with your partner/ step-parent/step-children/step-siblings. We can guide you through the process of establishing new routines, house rules, disciplinary measures, traditions while honoring old ones. We can assist you in identifying strengths, skills, qualities that each member has that benefit the family and develop a strong commitment and a sense of connection.

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