Bipolar Disorder

Do you spend your days having highs and lows? Do you feel sad, empty, irritable, tearful, moody, loss of pleasure in activities, major changes in appetite, body weight, or sleep? Do you feel restless, agitated, fatigue, exhausted, feeling worthless, difficulty concentrating or the opposite overly energetic, better than good, very high self-esteem, feeling all powerful, not needing sleep, talking more than usual, easily distracted or having racing thoughts? Bipolar disorder affects more than nine million Americans. It is treatable, and you are not weak, flawed, or crazy. One of the best things you can do to help yourself is to learn all you can about your illness. With Bipolar disorder an individual experiences extreme highs (mania) and lows (bipolar depression) in mood. Sometimes the manic symptoms can be so severe that people can hear voices or see things that are not there, or they might firmly believe in ideas that are not true.

We can you focus on your current problems and how to solve them. Both client and therapist need to be actively involved in this process. A therapist helps you find out how to identify distorted or unhelpful thinking patterns, recognize and change inaccurate beliefs, relate to others in more positive ways, and change behaviors accordingly. You may need extra help coping with unhealthy relationships or harmful lifestyle choices that contribute to your illness. Talk therapy can be very helpful for this.

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