Do you have difficulty connecting with others, view others as untrustworthy or undependable, fear of getting close to others, avoid contact, have hard time smiling, need to be control, view self as unlovable or too good for others, relationships are a waste of time? Do you have difficulties with co-workers; prefer to work alone, difficulties with relationships, closeness, and intimacy? Are you too clingy, needy? Have you heard you lack empathy, are jealous, possessive, or critical? Do you find it difficult to give or receive love and affection from others? Were you physically, sexually, or emotionally abused as a young child? Were you separated from your primary caregiver due to illness, jail, death, divorced or adoption? Was there an inconstancy in primary caregivers (i.e. nannies, foster homes, daycare centers)? Did you frequently move when you were a child? Did your environment constantly change (moving from foster home to foster home)? Did you experience a serious illness or accident as a young child? Did you mother suffer from post-partum and isolate herself from you? Was your mother addicted to drugs when you were a baby or young child?

We can provide a safe, confidential, supportive, non-threatening and caring environment for you to express your feelings freely. We can gently, gradually and safely guide you explore your experiences, beliefs and coping strategies that keep you from having the relationships and love you desire. We will support you as you learn to experience yourself as being lovable and capable of bonding and building healthy relationships in all areas of your life. We will guide you as you discover how to accept love and give love while setting healthy boundaries that allow you to maintain your self-respect and gain self-fulfillment from within rather than relying on others to accomplish your life goals.

Call us at 951-290-2997 to speak to a compassionate therapist. We work with all sorts of insurance and any financial situation. You can also book an appointment right now.

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